I developed anxiety when I left home at 18. The first real memory I have of it is on the London underground. I had traveled up from where I lived in Gloucestershire to be in the audience of the then much-loved talkshow Donahue. It was the late summer of 1988. It was past rush hour …

Moving Beyond Fear

“Having no fear of walking deep in the woods, or losing myself, I know there will be someone, somewhere to hold my hand and lead me down the path. I simply place my trust in the Universe, knowing every journey ventured provides an important lesson. Now my heart always sees a reason for the pain …

The Form of Water

My boots in the snow Hard ice underneath My heel presses down No leeway. Where are my toes? I declare a lack of feeling Brushing a strand of hair from an icy lip I watch the streetcar that threw me off Winding away Going a different route, they say. I watch it go – J …

Neonicotinoids are the new DDT killing the natural world

A compelling and very informative article by environmentalist George Monbiot in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper shining light on the UK’s part in the growing global chemical and pesticide disaster.  It’s scary.  And it’s not just about the bees.  It’s the soil, the whole natural world on which we depend.  So far I have seen very little …

Inside the Actors’ Studio with Anthony Hopkins January 2013

Recent interview with the great actor Anthony Hopkins. Age and experience bring such insights. Some beautiful moments here: his rendition of poetry he can’t finish he’s so emotionally moved and his reminiscing Laurence Olivier’s advice to him as a young actor just starting out:

“Take risks…. go out on the edge of a limb of a tree… go further until you fall.”

I was fortunate enough to meet him at my drama school when I was just an aspiring actor. Such a humble yet radiant presence. It’s never left me. His advice to: “be generous, always”. He certainly was. He supported many of my friends financially through the entire acting program at my school. Huge admiration for him and everything he’s done and who he has become.

I don’t think I miss acting per se because I am so satisfied with what I do now but I have the greatest admiration for those who really stick at it and go the distance. The ones who persist and are telling the important stories and putting their emotional selves out there are doing phenomenal work for our society.


I once asked a Jesuit priest what was the best short prayer he knew. He said "Fuck it" as in "Fuck it, it's in God's hands". ― Anthony Hopkins

Think this is something we need to tell ourselves daily. Especially if you're trying to do something you've never done before, creative or otherwise. You can always replace the f-word with something less coarse....

I love Sir Anthony. He's a rebel.


More Than Honey

Bees have been dying in mass numbers around the globe for some years now and this film delves into the sobering thought that bees might be on their way out. The dying off of the bees is an alarm bell with a scary finger pointing at our poisonous agricultural industry. Think this is a film to watch. Let’s raise awareness.


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